Midlands based cartoonist and illustrator Pip Bayley is never happier than when he is drawing . Inspired by a wide range of genres from fine art to comic books and sci fi films to theatre, he can usually be found, sketch book in hand, at some event or another.

Pips work favourite things to draw are Girls, Victorians or Animals, but he is always looking for new things to capture.

He regularly attends ‘Dr Sketchy’s’ drawing and burlesque events and has an extensive collection of drawings of burlesque artistes and the affection he has for the scene shows in his work. His quirky fun style has earned him respect and support from many of the performers he has captured.

Working mainly in pen and marker Pip lives by the mantra ‘Draw Every Day’ and encourages others to do the same. He has an infectious passion for art and hopes you enjoy his site

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